Finding the right CBD tincture for sale can be a big ask for some people. Especially when someone is just learning about Cannabidiol (CBD). There are so many companies and there are even more CBD tinctures to choose from. You want to make sure that you get a good CBD tincture. And we want to help you choose the perfect tincture for you. Well, good news. You are in the right place! At Alpine Hemp, we have the perfect tincture for you! We have taken every step to ensure that we have the best CBD tinctures for sale.

But how do you know what makes a good CBD tincture? A lot of things make a good CBD tincture for sale, and we know because we are experts on all things CBD, We have done the research and the work to make sure that we are proving the best CBD tincture for sale. And we have done so across all of our tinctures; full-spectrum CBD tinctures, broad-spectrum CBD tinctures and CBD isolate tinctures.

Great-Tasting CBD Tincture for Sale

Finding a CBD tincture that tastes great has not always been easy. In fact, consumer studies have shown that bad-tasting CBD tinctures and other products are the number one reason that people stop taking CBD.

Early CBD tinctures and edibles were made with oil and other raw materials that were not as refined as oils are today. Some of these early raw CBD materials had not been dewaxed and would still have a green color and plant taste. Other oils would be thick and golden, and while they did not have a plant taste they had a very bitter flavor profile.

Most CBD tinctures for sale these days are made by a handful of the same large CBD companies. That is why so many of them are alike. All of these tinctures are basically just a CBD distillate and MCT oil. We are not saying that it is a bad product. We are saying that it is a good start for a product. We at Alpine Hemp just take it a couple of steps further to create the best CBD tincture for sale anywhere.

First, Alpine Hemp gives you choices in the type of CBD raw material you want. We have full-spectrum CBD tinctures, we have broad-spectrum CBD tinctures, and we have CBD isolate tinctures for sale. No matter your starting point with CBD, we have a tincture for you.

Next, Alpine Hemp gives you choices with our exceptional range of flavors. Ranging from Mint Chocolate, Orange Cream, and others to Sangria, Winter Frost, and even Orange Mango! With so many flavors to choose from, you may want to choose a couple or try them all!

Knowing What’s in Your CBD Tincture

Knowing what is inside anything you put inside your body is very important. Also, it has been reported a number of times that some CBD companies are putting enough CBD into their products to match their advertised levels of CBD. You will never have that problem with any Alpine Hemp product!

Alpine Hemp tests every batch of products we make, and that definitely includes our tinctures! Even more so, we test every kilo of raw CBD we use before we manufacture any of your favorite Alpine Hemp CBD products! That is our commitment to purity, transparency, and the best CBD products at the best value.

Control with Your CBD Tincture

Alpine Hemp gives you all those choices, and we also give you the ability to choose your serving size with our different CBD tincture concentrations. Choose how much CBD you would like every serving, or choose to try a new product without the major price tag. Not everyone needs or wants the same tincture. A one size fits all approach to tinctures will end up making a lot of dissatisfied customers. That is why our CBD tinctures for sale at Alpine Hemp give you choices to make sure everyone gets the best tincture for themselves. We have a tincture for everyone. Come and see what we have made specially just for you!

With service, custom formulations, and a wide variety of choices, you would think our tinctures would be expensive and out of most everyone’s price range. But our CBD tincture pricing combined with all of our choices means there is most definitely an Alpine Hemp tincture for everyone. Starting at $12.50 and $20.00, our CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD tinctures are available to anyone on any budget, respectively.

So, choose Alpine Hemp for the best CBD tincture for sale!

CBD Tincture for Sale FAQ’s

What type of CBD oil do you use in your CBD tinctures for sale?

At Alpine Hemp, we have a CBD tincture for sale for everyone! So, we use full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil, and CBD isolates.


Full-spectrum pure CBD hemp oil can be a confusing term. Some may think every cannabinoid (over 100 different cannabinoids) are present in full-spectrum CBD oils. This is almost never the case. This is because cannabinoids occur at different amounts in different cultivars of cannabis. In marijuana plants, THC is the most prevalent with CBD, CBG, CBC or CBN occurring at levels around one percent. In hemp plants, CBD is the most prevalent with CBG, CBC, CBN, and other cannabinoids in the one to five percent range. These full-spectrum oils usually begin as crude CBD oil. The CBD content in these oils is usually in the mid-thirty percent range. Depending on the methods and the advancements of current technologies, some companies have been able to preserve these cannabinoid profiles while increasing the CBD content past sixty percent. But usually, the percentage of other cannabinoids drops as you process the oil to increase the CBD percent amount.


Broad-spectrum pure CBD hemp oil is more refined or processed to raise the CBD content per kilo. Where full-spectrum oils contain thirty to 60 percent CBD content, a broad-spectrum will test at anywhere from sixty to eighty percent CBD. However, the content of other cannabinoids and terpenes is usually lower as a result of the extra processing. One other positive of a broad-spectrum oil is the clear color of the oil and the reduced plant taste. This makes broad-spectrum oils especially popular for use in edibles and tinctures. These also happen to be two of the most popular groups of CBD products.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is about as refined a product as you can have. As the processing and technologies have improved, so have the percent purity of CBD isolates. Nowadays you can find CBD isolate that is almost 100 percent pure CBD. This means that there are no other cannabinoids or terpenes present in CBD isolate. CBD isolate is ideal for products like facial creams and lotions where having an oil on your face might cause your skin to breakout. It is also very common for CBD manufactures to use CBD isolate to combine with their full or broad-spectrum oils to boost the overall percentage and amount of CBD in their products.

What is winterization?

Winterization is another technique that extraction experts like to use when processing hemp oils. This is true for other oils as well. In this technique, raw CBD oils are dissolved into a solvent. For most CBD extraction methods, the solvent most extractors rely on is ethanol. This is due to the fact that the remaining ethanol can evaporate at room temperatures. In winterization, this whole process takes place at extremely low temperatures, thus the name winterization. One of the biggest drawbacks to the winterization process is the destruction of delicate oils called terpenes.

How long should I hold it under my tongue

At Alpine Hemp, we recommend holding our tinctures under your tongue for sixty to ninety seconds before swallowing. This helps for optimal sublingual absorption into the buccal gland. This method of intake is one of the best for CBD.

Which CBD tincture for sale tastes the best?

All of our CBD tinctures for sale taste great! But I guess we can be biased. If you look at our testimonials and other customer feedback, we would say that our Orange Cream and Mint Chocolate flavors are two of our most popular tinctures. If you would like our recommendation, simply reach out to us and one of our talented support team members will reach out and help you pick out the best product for yourself.

Is your CBD decarboxylated?

The short answer is yes. Decarboxylation is the process of heating the cannabinoids to convert them from their acidic forms into their true molecule. For CBD, before decarboxylation CBD has an acid chain and is CBDa. In some instances and especially in full-spectrum CBD oils, CBD and CBDa can exist in the same cannabinoid profile.

Where does your CBD come from?

Our CBD is organically cultivated and harvested using only the best practices for optimal quality. Harvested and processed at peak freshness, we ensure that our CBD is at the best stage for optimal performance. Alpine Hemp is partnered with some of the best farms in the Northwest. The Northwest is known for its ideal climate for growing hemp in the best organic conditions.

Alpine Hemp believes in All-American grown hemp. Our team of experts has been in the hemp-derived CBD game for over 8 years. We have seen hemp from Asia, Europe, and South America and we believe All-American grown hemp is vastly superior. And because it is grown locally, no shipping costs are passed onto the consumer. This is another way Alpine Hemp works to bring our customers the best CBD products at the lowest prices.

The best hemp products come from the best organically grown hemp. And the best organically grown hemp comes from the best hemp seeds. The best seeds come from healthy parents, and the hemp plants cultivated in the Pacific Northwest are some of the healthiest hemp plants on the planet thanks to the rich soil, bountiful water, and an ideal climate for hemp.

What type of extraction method do you use for your CBD tincture for sale?

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

What is Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction? For starters, it happens to be our favorite method of extraction. This is because this method does not leave any residual solvents in the processed Cannabidiol oil. Carbon dioxide reaches the desired supercritical levels at 1071 psi (pressure) and 31.1 degrees Celcius. One of the unique characteristics of the supercritical nature is that when a molecule is in a supercritical state, it has properties of being both a liquid and a gas. This is another advantage of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. Because it can be a gas it can get into extremely small spaces. Additionally, because it is liquid it can also dissolve and act as a liquid solvent without a solvent being present.

The benefits of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction extend even further. By using this process, the extraction company has total control over the extraction process. Also, carbon dioxide can be recycled when using supercritical extraction. This makes it a more environmentally conscious and sustainable option. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has labeled supercritical carbon dioxide safe for the extraction of many materials including hemp. The carbon dioxide used in this process can also act as a cleaning agent. This means that carbon dioxide in supercritical extraction can actually kill microbial bacteria, mildews, and molds. Maybe most importantly, the yields of processed oils are higher with supercritical extraction than compared to any other method.

If there are any residues on the oil, it will evaporate because carbon dioxide is a gas at room temperature. This means that these oils will actually be purer than other extraction methods. And since the plant material or biomass isn’t exposed to higher temperatures, more of the beneficial molecules are in the final processed oils. This is especially important for hemp materials and products as the more cannabinoids and terpenes present in the final product the better.

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