Are you looking for pure CBD hemp oil capsules? At alpine Hemp, we believe we have the purest and most all-natural CBD capsules on the planet!

Pure CBD hemp oil capsules are one of the most popular CBD products being sold on the market right now. People are learning more and more about what makes a great CBD product. Purity is one of, if not, the most important factors when choosing CBD.

Our pure CBD hemp oil capsules are powered by 20 mg of CBD from pure broad spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Other ingredients include medium-chain triglycerides (MCT Oil) and organic brown rice flour. That’s it! If you’re a purist at heart, then these are the pure CBD hemp oil capsules for you.

We all them pure CBD hemp oil capsules for a reason! All of the ingredients we source are one hundred percent natural with no artificial colorings or flavorings! And that will always be Alpine Hemp’s commitment to you. We have always and will continue to produce only the finest CBD products with all-natural and carefully selected ingredients. These premium ingredients are sourced and formulated by our team of expert product development specialists.

We even made sure the capsule shell itself is all-natural. The vegan capsule we use for our pure CBD hemp oil capsules is made 100% from plants. Everything about this product is vegan and all-natural. Another benefit of capsules is taste. They are tasteless. No holding anything under the tongue for 60-90 seconds. These Pure CBD hemp capsules are easy to take with a price that’s easy to swallow. And with 3 different product quantities to be sure to fit your needs ( 10, 30, and 60 capsules).

MCT Oil and CBD

Pure CBD hemp oil capsules are made to highlight the properties of CBD exclusively. We wanted this product to be for people looking for just pure CBD. Then why add MCT Oil? Because of the way CBD and MCT Oil work together!

MCT Oils are a type of fat that is found in certain oils and dairy products. Why is MCT Oil so popular? One reason is that medium-chain triglycerides are more easily absorbed by the body than long-chain triglycerides. MCT’s are also believed to have a positive effect to support healthy liver functioning. This could also mean that MCT Oils support healthy metabolism levels.

But How Does MCT Oil Help Our Pure CBD Hemp Oil Capsules?

MCT Oil can help other oils as well. MCT Oil can also act as a carrier oil. Carrier oils are often used to dilute other essential oils. When applied as a topical, carrier oils may increase the absorption of oils on the skin. The benefit is easy to see because who wants oil just sitting on the skin. What good is it doing if it is not absorbed?

Same with CBD. When CBD is combined with MCT oil, the absorption of CBD into the body may be improved the same way it works when applied as a topical. Why is this important?

Because the absorption is the name of the game. A higher absorption rate means your body is getting more of the good stuff that your body needs. Some CBD products do not go this extra step and therefore most of the CBD never gets where it needs to go. Purchasing products that are not absorbed well by the body is comparable to throwing money away. STOP throwing money away!

Buy a better CBD product that is specifically designed to be better. And if you are looking for a product like our Pure CBD hemp oil capsules, then you can stop looking because you found it!

Pure CBD Hemp Oil Capsules VS CBD Tinctures

Are Pure CBD hemp oil capsules better for you than CBD tinctures? Well, that is a complicated question and every person is different. One of the biggest advantages of a Pure CBD capsule is that they are incredibly easy to take. Just pop one or two pure CBD hemp oil capsules in your mouth and swallow. There is no holding it under your tongue for sixty to ninety seconds. There is nothing wrong with this method when using tinctures. However, if you are not using Alpine Hemp tinctures, then chances are they can taste pretty terrible. That is because most companies don’t take the extra steps that we do. So, if you have had that experience, then maybe you want to try CBD capsules. You can take them with you anywhere you go. You can even carry them on a plane. That way you can always have them with you when you need them.

Phytoremediation and Pure CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

Have you ever wondered why every single hemp and CBD company says their products and the hemp it is grown with is done so organically? Basically, because the hemp plant will absorb whatever is in the soil it is planted in. Whether this is good nutrients and minerals or harmful substances like heavy metals and other toxins.

Phytoremediation can be big money. We only have so much land. So whenever an industrial building needs to be torn down, well the mess does not go with it. There is money to be made and that soil needs to be cleaned before anyone can build on that land. In the United States of America, environmental impact reports (ERI), are part of the development process. Think CSI but for whatever has happened on a piece of property over the years. Over the years, people got wise to the fact that plants like the hemp plant can solve their problems (boy if they ever really knew). Hemp and all cannabis plants are excellent cleaners of the soil. And they do not use that much water. They are naturally resistant to most petulance. But once the hemp plant absorbs all those toxic materials and heavy metals, those molecules are there to stay. You cannot extract those out. That is why a certificate of analysis is so important.

Back in the beginning of the CBD industry, countries like China were already using hemp for its phytoremediation properties. Then CBD starting becoming more and more popular. Some in China and other countries tried to make money twice off the same hemp. But the bright minds of some of the early pathfinders in the industry knew the importance of testing every batch of CBD oil. That is how heavy metals and other unwanted chemicals were found in what became known as “CBD paste from China.” That is what it was actually called. That is how long we have been doing this.

Why do we use broad-spectrum CBD oil?

For this capsule, we have chosen a very broad-spectrum CBD for it interacts with the medium-chain-triglycerides. The two different all-natural ingredients interact in such a way that they make each other better. We call this a synergistic relationship and part of the genius behind our products.

Broad-spectrum pure CBD hemp oil is more refined or processed to raise the CBD content per kilo. Where full-spectrum oils contain thirty to 60 percent CBD content, a broad-spectrum will test at anywhere from sixty to eighty percent CBD. However, the content of other cannabinoids and terpenes is usually lower as a result of the extra processing. One other positive of a broad-spectrum oil is the clear color of the oil and the reduced plant taste. This makes broad-spectrum oils especially popular for use in edibles and tinctures. These also happen to be two of the most popular groups of CBD products.

Could We Have Used A Full-Spectrum CBD Oil In This Product?

Due to the amount of CBD we wanted to put into each capsule, a broad-spectrum was the best choice for this product. Also, for reasons described above, we added a known quality ingredient in medium-chain-triglycerides that has a special relationship when used in conjunction with a broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Is This Product Safe For My Pet?

Yes! There are literally thousands of pet products. Nothing comes close to our two hemp oil products for dogs. Our Bacon Tincture for dogs is a best seller, but if you want the purest possible product for your pet then our pure CBD hemp oil capsules are a perfect product for both you and your pet. Our pure CBD hemp oil capsules are made from the purest broad-spectrum CBD oil. There is some a small amount of brown rice flour. About 1% of dogs suffer from a wide variety of grain allergies. It is hard to be sure it is even that high as the symptoms are the same as other allergies. This can include increased itching.

Will This Product Make Me Feel High?

No. If you want to support cannabis and not the intoxicating effects of THC, then you are in the right place and this is the product for you. THC is probably the most popular cannabinoid. This is because THC is the cannabinoid that is responsible for the intoxicating effects associated with marijuana. Cannabidiol does not have any of these intoxicating effects because CBD does not act on the body the same way that THC does. THC binds directly with receptors in the brain that enables THC to have those intoxicating effects. CBD does not act this way. CBD acts on different receptors and mechanisms in the body that help keep our bodies healthy and in homeostasis. Therefore, CBD will never get you high in the same way that THC does. However, some people have reported being happier and feeling better.

How Long Does It Take For These Pure CBD Hemp Oil Capsules To Start Working?

CBD has the ability to act differently on every person. After all, we are all different. We come in different sizes and we deal with different issues. For that reason, it is hard to say exactly when our pure CBD hemp oil capsules will be absorbed into your body. We can give you a rough estimate that it will take about thirty minutes to an hour for the cannabidiol to begin being absorbed in the body.

How Often Should I Be Taking Pure CBD Hemp Oil Capsules?

We recommend starting off taking one to two CBD capsules per serving. We also recommend doing this twice per day. If you have not been taking CBD regularly, then it is always a good idea to start with two twice per day. This will allow CBD to reach the proper levels and begin supporting your body’s natural healing mechanisms. After the first two weeks, you could switch to a smaller serving to help maintain the levels of CBD in your body. Whichever route you choose, we recommend taking the pure CBD hemp oil capsules for a full thirty days. This will ensure that you can properly assess the extent to how well you feel after taking our CBD capsules.

Do You Test Every Batch of Your Pure CBD Hemp Oil Capsules?

What is a certificate of analysis and what does it have to do with pure CBD hemp oil capsules? A certificate of analysis is an official document that you receive from a lab or testing facility. What is actually on this document can vary from industry to industry. In the CBD industry, certificates of analysis let companies and customers know the exact composition of the CBD oil that is being tested. This is extremely important so you can know exactly what you are putting into your body. Because Alpine Hemp cares about what we put into our products and ultimately what you put into your body, we test and proudly display the results of these test so you can know exactly what is in, and most importantly what is not, in our products.

For example, the most basic component everyone is looking for is the percent of CBD in the oil. This can range anywhere from the low thirty percent range to the slightly above ninety-nine percent range. This basically depends on the level or the amount of processing the oil has been through. COA’s can also tell you the number and amount of other cannabinoids that are naturally occurring or present in the pure CBD hemp oil at the time of testing.

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