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What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp is a variety of the plant, Cannabis Sativa. It has three genders, Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. Because they belong to the same family, they are often mistaken to be one of the other, but they do have their differences and unique properties. Hemp has very significantly low levels of the psychoactive properties of its sister cannabis, which is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Hemp stalks are useful in a variety of ways as they can become fabrics, ropes, fuels, paper, or even insulation. Cannabis is also useful but mostly for medicinal purposes especially for chronic pain or mental health, but since it has high levels of THC, this is classified as an illegal drug because of its ability to alter mental processes.
Hemp oil can be derived from any part of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Hemp extracts like hemp seed oil do not contain the full benefits of the plant, but it can still retain much of the nutrients and fatty acids. Hemp extracts and hemp oil made from flower, stalks, leaves and stem have other compounds in them. These include other cannabinoids and terpenes not present in hemp seed oil. The amount of these other compounds is what denotes if a hemp oil is full-spectrum or broad-spectrum hemp oil. While the process for obtaining the oils can vary from the multiple methods of extraction. Hemp seed oil extraction is different from cannabidiol oil (CBD) which comes from the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant, where there is a higher concentration of CBD.
Hemp oil is used for a variety of purposes and is commonly used as a skincare product due to the rich oils that help keep skin healthy and supple. The hemp oil properties are also found to help reduce the appearance of aging, but also in support of treating psoriasis, eczema, acne, and dermatitis. Because of its properties, hemp oil can support the healthy and youthful appearance of a person’s skin.
Full-spectrum hemp oil can help your body’s natural mechanisms to alleviate pain and provide some relief. Any people look to hemp oil for pain relief because it can be used to help support the alleviation of arthritic pain, muscle aches, and other chronic pain. This can also be used to help relax muscle tension due to injuries or exercise.

More studies are being conducted on the variety of uses for hemp oil. The minty or mentholated sensation often associated with muscle relief rubs like the Alpine Hemp Freeze Gel or Cold Therapy Mist gives you that relaxing and comfort feeling once it is applied.

Because of the very low levels of THC and sometimes none, hemp oil is being advocated as an organic alternative to topical medicinal pain rubs because it has no side effects. The levels of THC are so low that there is very little chance for the compound to show up in any traditional drug test. Cannabidiol used in hemp oil and hemp extract products cannot be addicting nor will it induce any drug dependency. We in fact have products with no THC that can be used without worrying about a failed drug test. If you would like to try those products, a company representative would gladly direct you to which of our products have no THC. For those who wish to try hemp oil for the first time, Alpine Hemp carries the best products for you to experience for yourself.

How can Hemp Oil Help Treat Pain?

Hemp seed oil, which is derived from the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant, is often interchanged with cannabidiol oil (CBD) because they come from the same plant family. So, it is important to know which hemp oil or extract a company is using to make hemp products. CBD oil is gaining popularity due to numerous people advocating its use after they became satisfied customers, and studies are beginning to show that hemp oil and other hemp extracts can help support a natural healthy functioning human body. Hemp seed oil has significantly lower levels of cannabidiol and THC than CBD oil. Hemp oil can be a confusing term, but hemp oil is CBD oil that is derived from hemp. So, the qualities of hemp oil are not lower than the value that millions have found from using cannabidiol (CBD) oil. So, if you wish to experience the benefits of the plant’s properties but is kind of iffy about THC, then hemp oil with its high CBD content and low to no THC content is the best thing for you.
The body naturally produces endocannabinoids – these help the body in regulating systems and processes that basically dictate your health by keeping your body in a state of homeostasis. If there is a part of the body that is not in its normal process, like an infection, the endocannabinoids work to maintain homeostasis, or balance, in the body, making sure the functions return to normal. However, in some cases, the body’s natural endocannabinoids are not sufficient, and the brain gives off signals in the areas where they are needed, and this often comes up as pain or some other signal. For people suffering from very acute or chronic pain, it may best to use a CBD topical as frequent applications might be needed. Hemp oil can be used for chronic pain instead of prescription medication that often has dangerous side effects especially if taken orally. Oral pain medications often deposit toxic matter into the liver, which is more damaging in the long run as liver functions are reduced and more medication is needed to maintain a healthy functioning liver – another cycle of dangerous prescription medicines.
Hemp oils can be rich in omega-3 fatty acids, the same kind that is found in flaxseed and fish oils, making some hemp oils or hemp extracts an excellent source of nutrition for heart health. This could also be one of the contributing factors to customers reporting hemp oil and hemp oil products as highly beneficial as a topical product for people suffering from pain and other lingering issues. So many people who use CBD topically swear by it. One of the reasons may be because CBD is absorbed extremely well through the skin. This is called subcutaneous absorption. If you are interested in trying a topical CBD product, simply click here and you can view all the topical CBD products that we carry at Alpine Hemp.

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Like any other medication, however, it is important to discuss with your physician or health care practitioner on the correct serving in using hemp oil for pain. While there is no danger of overdose, some CBD products contain other ingredients which can have a cross toxicity or dangerous side effect when taken with other oral medications prescribed to you. Some medications may even reduce the full effect of both the medicine and the hemp oil product.
For a lot of satisfied customers, applying hemp oil topically is the best way to use CBD to help support a person’s pain management regiment. Also, because of the minute levels of THC in hemp oil, there is no chance of addiction and getting high – a common worry about the side effects of using cannabis. Hemp oil has a lot of popular product that people rave about. Some of the most popular ones are muscle rubs and salves – some of include the mentholated sensation commonly associated with muscle relief rubs. Simply apply directly to the affected area and massage gently to achieve maximum relief. Since hemp oil is also commonly used in skincare products, healthy, moisturized skin can be an added benefit to using it to help with pain relief.
As more people are also becoming aware of its benefits of the different types of hemp oils and extracts and opt to use them because it is a relaxing alternative to today’s medications that have a long list of side effects that can even include death. Long-term use of prescription drugs can also be toxic to the body.
If you or someone you know has been suffering from chronic pain, try using hemp oil as an alternative and see if it provides relief that common medication has not provided or is no longer able to provide because the body has become immune to it. Hemp oil and superior CBD products made from hemp oil might be just the solution to chronic pain.

How can Hemp Oil Help Treat Pain?

The body naturally produces endocannabinoids – brain chemicals and receptors in the body that help regulate certain body functions and create homeostasis, or balance in the body processes, pain management, serotonin production, and immune system functions. There are times, however, when these endocannabinoids are insufficient and cannot maintain homeostasis. The brain then signals areas where they are inadequate, and this often comes up as a bad mood, or in some cases, pain.
We commonly reach for pain medication to relieve the symptoms and to ease the discomfort that comes with the pain. However, the body often becomes immune to this medication and they no longer work, and now require a higher dosage – this becomes a problem as the body again has to adjust, and while the medicine works, the side effects just keep coming.
Hemp seed oil is different from cannabidiol oil but belongs to the same family, the Cannabis Sativa plant. While the process for obtaining the oils can be similar, this is different from cannabidiol oil (CBD) or a hemp oil which comes from the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant, where there is a higher concentration of CBD, and hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the cannabis plant. People discover using hemp oil for pain and find it to be a better alternative because it has zero side effects, especially since they are often not taken orally and only applied topically, acting directly on the targeted areas instead of taking a long swim in the bloodstream before taking effect. The cannabinoids in the hemp oil bind with the body’s natural mechanisms. They can work as an agent and send signals to the brain that homeostasis is restored.
So, what kind of pain can hemp oil treat? The most common will be muscular pain due to injuries or exercise. Massaging the oil directly on the affected area and can bring relief in minutes. This can also be effective in relaxing muscular tension.
Hemp oil can also be used as headache relief. While head massages are generally not recommended if not done professionally, applying a small amount of hemp oil on the painful area will bring relief shortly. Since hemp oil has minute levels of THC, there is zero chance of the person getting high when applied on the head or face. An added benefit is the moisturized skin since hemp oil is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, therefore reducing the appearance of skin-aging. Have a head full of hair and do not feel like rubbing a topical into your head? CBD isolates made from hemp oil can be very popular with those suffering from headaches or migraines.
Because the cannabinoid properties work directly with the body’s natural endocannabinoids, hemp oil can help support the relief of nerve pain. While ingestion may work faster for nerve pain, applying topically can also work since it can be absorbed by the skin as well. Sometimes using both at the same time is the best way to go for serious cases.
While there is not yet enough research on hemp oil for pain, the levels of CBD in its content is also known to support the relief of chronic pain. Hemp oil contains enough properties to help alleviate the aches, pains, and discomforts that come along with chemotherapy treatment, but higher doses might be needed. Hemp oil has properties that reduce swelling and redness. For some people who are interested in trying cannabis properties as alternative pain medication but are uncomfortable with using it, hemp oil could be their best bet. Hemp oil for pain is not yet that popular to everyone, but opportunities are opening up and people are exploring hemp oil as an alternative – natural and organic, with low levels of THC, and almost zero side effects if not taken orally.
If you or someone you know would like the opportunity to try hemp oil for pain, Alpine Hemp ensures that you will receive the best quality hemp oil products back by an industry leading money back guarantee. All of their products are carefully researched and lovingly curated by experts who believe that nature has provided us with the cures that our body needs. Take a break from using prescription medicines and feel the difference of going natural and use hemp oil for pain. Go the safer route and opt for little to zero side effects and help your body return to homeostasis, the way nature intended it to be.
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