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We all want to give our furry friends the best hemp oil for dogs. That is because we love our pets and they love us. So why would you give your pet a product that you would not buy for yourself?

You wouldn’t! That is why Alpine Hemp developed our Pet Tincture.

We considered your pooch’s refined palette when choosing a flavor for our hemp oil pet product. And for anyone who has had to fight with their pet to take their medicine, you can understand the need for a product that your dog actually looks forward to taking. Taking care of your pet should be a rewarding experience for both of you! So make sure you and your dog try our hemp oil for dogs and get back to the things that you and your best friend enjoy doing.

Does Hemp Oil Work For Dogs?

Does Hemp Oil For Dogs Contain THC?

The short answer is yes! Why would it not?! Our beloved pets have the same endocannabinoid system that we all have. This system is your pet’s health monitoring system. With receptors in all tissues, your pet’s endocannabinoid system is their first alert to any break down in the homeostasis of their body. Your dog might be your first alert system and CBD can support the healthy functioning of their endocannabinoid system. Most hemp oils for dogs come in tinctures or dog chews. This is for obvious reasons and is the easiest way for your pet to get their daily serving of CBD.

Hemp Oil for Dogs 3

Hemp oil for dogs usually does not contain any THC. If it does, the amount is lower than .3 percent and usually well below that amount. If the pet product is made from a broad-spectrum CBD or a CBD isolate, then the THC content will be even lower. These CBD products will not get your pet high. Your pet may seem more relaxed but this is not evidence of any THC being used in the products.
Alpine Hemp is committed to making the best product or products for your pets the same way we make the best products for you. That is because we make the best products we can no matter what.

How Much Should I Give My Pet

Pets come in all different sizes. This can make it especially confusing when deciding how much CBD you should be giving to your pet. This can also depend on why you are giving your pet CBD.

Small Dogs

When using hemp oil for small dogs, a little can go a long way. We recommend starting with 5 mg of CBD twice per day, and you can add 1 mg per 10 lbs. So, a 10-pound dog would be good with a serving size of 5 mg of CBD, and a 50-pound dog would be good with a serving size of 10 mg of CBD.
Hemp Oil for Dogs

Medium Dogs

Medium-sized dogs could be categorized as anywhere from 50-75 lbs. A good serving size of hemp oil for dogs in this category would be 10-15 mg of CBD per serving. Depending on the issue and the severity of this issue, you could do more or less. We recommend always starting with two servings per day.

Large Dogs

Large breed dogs are any dog over 75 lbs. 15 mg of CBD per serving is a great place to start with dogs in this category. At 15 mg, you could even do 2 servings twice per day depending on the amount of CBD per serving. The important thing to remember is to monitor your pet as you are increasing and decreasing their servings and/or their milligrams of CBD per serving.

How Often Should My Pet Take CBD

The times at which you give your dog their serving of CBD is totally up to you. We recommend starting out with at least 2 servings a day. Just like with humans, it is a good idea to start off with more CBD and then adjust the size of the serving to meet your needs. If your dog’s issue generally happens at the same time or in the same situation, then it could be a good idea to give your pet a serving before those times.

Are There Any Side Effects

Hemp oil for dogs has not been known to cause any major side effects. Compared to other medications and/or supplements, CBD is extremely mild when comparing side effects. Side effects in dogs are similar to those in humans. These can include dry mouth, upset stomach or drowsiness. All of these have been reported in large serving sizes.
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