Does Time of Day Have an Effect on How Cannabis Works?

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Vector illustration of a man sleeping peacefully after taking CBD and THC. Does time of day effect how cannabis works?

Does Time of Day Have an Effect on How Cannabis Works? 

Cannabis is known to interfere with the understanding of time, but does the time of day have an effect on how Cannabis works? It very well might, especially at night. Sleep cycles and dreaming can be interfered with when using THC. So, to avoid THC from interfering with Sleep cycles and dreaming, it’s recommended to avoid Cannabis use at least four hours before bedtime. 

What About Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Night Terrors?  

If you’re someone who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PMDD) or night terrors, then you actually want THC to interfere with your Sleep cycle and dreaming. In these cases, using cannabinoids before bedtime can break these cycles and therefore are beneficial. 

Timing CBD to Relieve Anxiety 

Anyone who battles with anxiety can tell you how exhausted anxiety can make them feel by mid-afternoon. That mid-afternoon exhaustion can be reduced by using CBD in the morning. 

Homeostatic Regulators

While the timing of taking Cannabis is still under research- we do know that cannabinoids mimic the body’s own homeostatic regulators, so properly timing a cannabinoid dose go a great deal farther in helping  stabilize an imbalanced system. 

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