Does Time of Day Have an Effect on How Cannabis Works?

Written by Crowned Hemp Does Time of Day Have an Effect on How Cannabis Works?  Cannabis is known to interfere with the understanding of time, but does the time of day have an effect on how Cannabis works? It very well might, especially at night. Sleep cycles and dreaming can be interfered with when using…
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Propyl vs. Pentyl Cannabinoids

Written by Crowned Hemp Propyl vs. Pentyl Cannabinoids  THC is a common cannabinoid that has “tails” of five carbon atoms. This defining feature classifies this cannabinoid as pentyl cannabinoids. Olivetolic acid is the precursor to pentyl cannabinoids. Olivetolic acid is used by the cannabis plant to create CBD. This CBG is then used to further make THC, CBD, and/or…
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Cannabis Underground-Insight and Absurdity

Written by Crowned Hemp Cannabis Underground It’s easy to see that the cannabis underground is filled with assumptions on the distinction between high- or low-quality cannabis. Before the 1970’s, cannabis laboratory testing wasn’t available. A common rule of thumb was that a pepper aroma indicated high-potency cannabis. However, today-now we know that the smell of…
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How Does Cannabis Interact With Other Drugs?

Written by Crowned Hemp   Cannabis and Drug Interactions How does cannabis interact with other drugs? When taking cannabis orally, its active ingredients interact with enzymes as part of the body’s process in metabolizing cannabis. This particular interaction can increase or decrease the effect of cannabis and other medications as well. Caution is crucial when taking…
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USDA Gives Industrial Hemp Farming The Green Light

USDA Gives Industrial Hemp Farming The Green Light by Ryan Tengco at CBD Origin As more and more people realize the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD), the industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. As a result, farmers across the entire country will soon be able to grow hemp in an industrial fashion under the…
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How Long Does CBD Stay In The Human Body?

CBD is known for its treatment for specific health conditions. Omni CBD oil usually stays in the body for a few days after that it will remove naturally. This blog gives you brief overview of it. The post How Long Does CBD Stay In The Human Body? appeared first on Johnscbd.

What is The Recommended CBD Consumption Method?

There are many descriptions of What is CBD and its usage. There are several methods to use CBD oil dosage but which one is effective, It depends on the condition. The post What is The Recommended CBD Consumption Method? appeared first on Johnscbd.

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Terpenes and the Entourage Effect

We, at Alpine Hemp, are strong believers in whole plant extract. Our products center around whole plant extracts, not CBD isolate or distillate. This is important to us because it actually works! The different cannabinoids and aspects of the hemp plant work better when they are working together; it creates a synergy. According to Dr. John…
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Cannabinoid Cardiovascular Benefits

While there is an abundance of ongoing research examining the benefits and effects of cannabinoid products currently underway, there is a plethora of research already done that is readily available with conclusive results.  One of these studies that we’ll be focusing on today is the effect cannabinoids have on the cardiovascular system and it’s potential benefits.  Consumption of cannabinoids has been shown…
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